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July Newsletter: New JotForm Feature! Get uploaded files as email attachments

Rabu, 27 Juli 2016




JotForm - July Newsletter

Hi JotFormers!

We hope that you are enjoying the height of summer! Someone certainly is: our office cat Podo, who is currently stretched out on a sunny spot of the carpet, lemonade in paw. We know you'd rather be laying on the sand at the beach, floating down the river, or playing frisbee in the park than working on organizational tasks at the office.

That's why we've built another feature for you to help save you time, and help you complete your work so you can get outside! Life is better in flip flops after all.


New Feature: Get Uploaded Files as Email Attachments

You now have the ability to receive uploads as attachments in your emails! Uploads are now more easily accessible and sharable.

July Newsletter - New Feature: Get uploaded files as email attachments

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How a Busy Bakery in San Francisco Grew Its Business
with JotForm

Although people trickle into Cups and Cakes Bakery throughout the day, the lifeblood of its business is delivering custom orders of cupcakes to businesses all around town. For that, it needed a way to manage requests and collect orders, because back-and-forth emails just weren't cutting it as the business grew. That's where JotForm came in.

July Newsletter - How a busy bakery in San Francisco grew her business with JotForm

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What to Include in a Customer Feedback Form

Asking your customers to complete a feedback form is an effective way to gauge how they are responding to your product or service. So what do you include in a customer feedback form? What do you ask, or not ask? Let's dive in and explore the top tips for a great customer feedback form.

July Newsletter - What to Include in a Customer Feedback Form

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Nine Ways the JotForm Team Uses Their Own Tool

You might have been able to tell, but we're pretty into online forms here at JotForm. And our form builder isn't just for our users - we believe in it so much that we use it every day. Every single day. It helps us operate faster, smarter, and be more organized. You might even see that it's similar to how you're using JotForm as well.

July Newsletter - Nine Ways the JotForm Team Uses JotForm

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Theme of the Month

Summer Days at the Carnival

July Newsletter - Theme of the Month

Use This Theme


Need help with anything? As always, our 24/7 friendly support team is here to help!

Warmest regards,

The JotForm Team

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